Sunday, June 26, 2011

Manchester Yacht Club Patton Bowl on Denali (KERR55)

My ride today for Manchester Yacht Club Patton Bowl was Denali a KERR 55. It was a little bit of a practice race for me....seeing that I'm doing the Marblehead to Halifax race on Denali and it was my first time on the boat.

I was on jib trim today. I think I did well today.
Only one person lobbed a "F" bomb at me all day. That's pretty good for me.

Race was postponed for about an hour waiting for breeze, hence the photo of the crew doing nothing.

We took a first in our class. We beat the 2nd place boat, Vida Zee, by 21 minutes uncorrected and 3 minutes corrected. Our PHRF rating is -72. Yes negative 72. Scherherazade took a 3rd crossing the line 39 minutes after us....9 minutes corrected. The 12 Metre Valiant was in our class but didn't do so well. Really not the right air for them.

I'll be doing a three page photo essay for SAIL Magazine
on board Denali about the Halifax race. I'll be shooting some video too. Sign up for my blog updates on the top right of this page to follow the shenanigans of Denali during the Halifax race.

I'll be covering the Extreme 40's in Boston this week and hope to get a few rides to get some on board footage. That should make for some gnarly footage.

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