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Do you think about these things?

I haven’t stayed at a hotel for 2 weeks  and I won’t be at a hotel for 9 more days. My photos in the woods make things look pretty cozy and pretty comfortable. And for the most part they are but I need to do lots of planning to be comfortable and cozy. So these are the type of things I need to think about everyday. Things I need to plan for everyday.   Where am I going to sleep tonight? Where can I buy groceries?  Where can I cook tonight?  Where can I get and when can I get drinkable water again?  Where and when can I shower next? Where and when can I do laundry again?  Where and when will I have cell service again?  What if it rains tonight?  Where can I throw out my trash?  Where can I go the bathroom?  Pretty basic and simple things. But these are things I need to think about every day and plan for every day. But I have choices and resources. Lots of choices and lots of resources!  But what if I didn’t have the Jeep? What if I didn’t have a tent, a stove, a refrigerator, a water ta

Victoria Was Sad

FIlled up the Jeep at Walmart today in Victoria, BC with socks, water, soap, wipes & snacks. Kind of sad there. Lots of people using on the sidewalks in a very small area of the city. Had some very interesting conversations off the back of my Jeep.  Despite the situation with homeless, it’s a very beautiful city. 

Anchorage Was Awesome!

Anchorage was awesome! We started of the day by volunteering at the Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center to cook the lunch. While  lunch was being given out we gave out blankets, hygiene kits, clothing, ponchos, hand warmers, water, snacks, socks and Bibles. Appreciate the Collins coming along and bringing so much stuff. So awesome to work with them again. Also appreciate Pastor Jared coming and lending a hand. Thank you Beantown Blankets for sending boxes & boxes of blankets. Bonus for the day was being able to pray over Andrea’s Jeep after lunch.  She is our newest Christian Jeep Association member! #takesavillage #missionforhope #christianjeepassociation

2 Months on the Road

Today marks being on the road 2 months! What a journey so far. We have given out hundreds of blankets, hygiene kits and socks to the homeless in 8 cities. We have shared the love of Jesus with so many along the way.  We have added many new members to the Christian Jeep Association family.  I say “We” because all of you are with me every mile. Thank you for your encouragement, messages, texts, emails, support & prayers. I couldn’t do this journey without you! Six more months, 42 more cities and thousands of more miles to go! 🙏