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A Shepherd Staff

I received this Shepherd staff on December 1, 2019 when I was installed as a pastor at Calvary Christain Church after my first Jeep mission trip. The staff leaned quietly in the corner of my office. The Shepherd staff never left my office until my last day on staff last Friday. For two years Pastor Tim and my fellow Pastors taught me how to be a Shepherd and what a Shepherd staff is for.   A Shepherd staff is used to find fallen sheep in the undergrowth of life, protect sheep from attacks of the enemy, and to guide the flock to green pastures and clean water. A Shepherd staff is also used for balance for the Shepherd. Balance on rough and rocky terrain. I don’t have the room to take my Shepherd staff in my Jeep on my next mission trip, but knowing I was given it to pastor a flock I love so much, will keep me balanced on the rough and rocky roads.    No matter where that flock is or where that road is going.  If it wasn’t for the support of Calvary Christain Church for the last four yea

Going is easy…Leaving is hard.

The staff at Calvary Christain Church gave me a nice little send off today. Amazing card, amazing cake and amazing people. Truly love these people and everything they’ve done for me over the last couple of years while I’ve been on staff. They are all family to me.