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Friendly Faces In Key West

Spreading some Christmas cheer to our friends on the streets in Key West. Perfect timing to give out Beantown Blankets with unusually colder weather! Thank you David Wood & Kyla Shoemaker for being part of the mission today!

Miracles In Tampa!

Miracles happening in Tampa yesterday for our outreach. We had 10 vehicles with donations and 15 people giving out blankets, hygiene kits, water, food and Bibles. Our Florida CJA prez, Richard Pinkall and his wife Angela arrived with their Gladiator full of donations. They gave out everything they had in their Jeep and it was filled again with donations. They gave out everything again and it was filled again with more donations which we will give out in Miami on December 31st. Matthew 14:17-21 #miracles #godisgood 

Sad In Huntsville

Mission For Hope, Inc. & Christian Jeep Association  chapters Alabama & Tennessee partnered with The Rose of Sharon Soup Kitchen in Huntsville to hand out much needed blankets, clothing, hygiene kits and Bibles. Very sad conditions. Please pray for Huntsville. 🙏

Elvis’ Home Town

Today we spread some love in Elvis’s hometown at the Salvation Army in Tepelo, Mississippi. Very nice people. Very polite people! 

Mission For Hope Fun Facts

Mission For Hope  fun facts, so far… 189 Days 24,533 Miles 33 States 4 Canadian Provinces  Outreach in 28 Cities - Thousands of blankets, hygiene kits and Bibles have been given to the poor along with food, water & clothing. 22 more cities & 14 more states to go!  🙏   Follow the mission:

Nice Folks in New Orleans

Yesterday Mission For Hope, Inc. partnered with Chris Tanguis of New Orleans Jeep Club (NOJC) to bless some folks at the New Orleans Mission. We gave out blankets, hygiene kits, socks, water, snacks, fruit, Bibles prayers & smiles. Great people and great facility!   📸 - Payton Martin