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Great People In San Francisco!

We had a great team and met some great people in San Francisco today. Thank you Sharon, AJ, Chad &    Nicole.    I am truly humbled by the kind hearted people who serve beside me in each city.  

Outreach In Portland, OR

Hit the streets of Portland, OR yesterday with Pastor John’s team from Portland Metro Assembly of God Church. We gave out many blankets, hats, gloves, socks, hygiene kits, Bibles and water. Kind of a sad day though. Many of the homeless living in camps, old trailers and RV’s. Very poor conditions. Please keep the city of Portland in your prayers.  🙏 #missionforhope 

Doubleheader Outreach

The last two days were awesome but sad. Sad because of what I saw on the streets but awesome to see so many smiles. On Friday I did outreach in Vancouver, BC and gave out socks, snacks, water, soap, sanitizing wipes and Bibles.  Today I did outreach on the streets of Seattle with Ken King, the president of the Oregon chapter of the Christian Jeep Association. We gave out lots of blankets, socks, hygiene kits, clothes, water snd Bibles.  Met so many wonderful people in Seattle and prayed with many too.