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Viva Las Vegas

Jeepers helping the homeless at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. We partnered with the Wild West Jeep Club to serve almost 100 guests. We gave out blankets, hygiene kits, socks, snacks, water and Bibles. #MissionForHope 

Polite folks in San Diego!

Things went great in San Diego today for outreach stop # 17. We had a small team which made it easy to move through the city. The folks we served today were very polite and appreciative. We gave out blankets, hygiene, socks, water, snacks, sandwiches, fruit, Bibles and prayer. Thank you Glen, Christina and Pastor Julie. And thank you Beantown Blankets! 

Today in Los Angeles’ Skidrow

God definitely had a plan today for the outreach in Skid Row in LA. Although I was alone for the outreach, everything worked out very well! Last night I reached out to Laura Hamilton, the Team Lead for The Refresh Spot on Towne Avenue in Skid Row. They are a non-profit that provides showers, a laundry facility, charging stations, a safe place to hang out and programs for people experiencing homelessness. I met her three years ago when I was in LA last.   Laura said it would be awesome if I came by and I could park the Jeep in front of their facility. And that’s what I did! It was a great, great day and I got to pray with quite a few people. Didn’t take long to give out the hygiene kids, socks, Bibles, water, snacks, wipes and cookies I had. 

Really nice people in Reno!

Today was an absolutely fabulous day in Reno! Today we partnered with the Wild West Jeep Club to handout blankets, hygiene kits, socks, water, snacks, bagels donuts and Bibles. The people that we served in Reno we’re so grateful and so polite! That’s not always the case in most of the cities that I go to. Thank you Max, James, Audra, Jasmine and Jimmy! Great to see my Boston friend, Cheryl Wood, who I haven’t seen in 35 years! Thank you Cheryl for making homemade pumpkin muffins for the folks we served today!