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Sewforth...Another very generous sponsors!

I’m truly blessed with some very generous sponsors! Sewforth Embroidery & Screen Printing in Middleton, MA donated tee shirts, hoodies, embroidery & hundreds of vinyl decals. They are also creating an online store with all my gear on it and donating a portion of the profits to my mission trip. #abillionthanks #missionforhope #jeepers #jeeps #givingback

Thank You Beantown Blankets!

Can’t thank Beantown Blankets  enough for donating & shipping 48 blankets into “each” of the cities that we are doing outreach in. These first quality flannel blankets have been so well received at the first three stops. Folks like them because they have a water resistant backing and can be folded up small with carrying handles.

Random Images

Some random images taken traveling to Denver last week. 

These are a few of my favorite things...

These are some of my favorite “inexpensive” accessories. 1) Reliance 7 Gallon Jumbo Water Container 2) ThermaCELL Mosquito Repellent &  Lantern 3) Hooke Road Door Hinge Steps 4) USB Rechargeable Fan.  Other accessories I have that I really like also: 1000mL 12volt Electric Tea Kettle,  SUAOKI Portable Jump Starter, SUNPIE Magnetic Side Window Privacy Shades & Mosquito Screens & ESTEK 200W 3-12V Socket w/ 4 USB Ports All were purchased on Amazon except the water container that was purchased at Walmart #jeepstuff #overlading #camping #jeep #stuff

Denver didn’t miss a beat.

Big shout out to the Denver outreach team. They did an awesome job today and got lots donations distributed to the homeless throughout Denver. Members of Colorado Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Colorado Jeep Girls and Wheelers for the Wounded of Colorado met at JC’s British & 4x4 this morning and brought a ton of donations. We put donations in everybody’s Jeeps & trucks and hit the streets.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hit the streets with everybody because after the first outreach stop my Jeep had an issue and I needed to get a tow. But the team did not miss a beat and got donations to several places. Thank you so much for all your support and help everybody!! 

Follow my route...almost in real time.

I left June 9th on the way right of this map. This is my route so far. Third outreach event is tomorrow in Denver with four organizations. I think I finally figured out how to post my route to Gaia as I travel and take photos...almost in real time. There are a ton more photos. Check it out:

Roadside Pancakes

When you can pull over and make pancakes just about anywhere… just because you can. #GoodMorning 

Calvary family comes through!

I can’t thank the Good Hope volunteers enough for chipping in and buying me this baby. With this unit I can keep it on longer and keep ice cream in it...if I wanted too. Love my Calvary family!  ❤️🍦🚙 🏔 ❄️ ⛄️ #denver #outreach #missionforhope #takesavillage

Off The Grid Last Night

Where I spent the night. What I woke up too. God is amazing! #denvernext #missionforhope

Welcome to Colorado!

Welcome to Colorado! Traction light going on. Plus running real hot. #itsjeepstuff

My morning routine

This is how I start my mornings. Worship music, reading His word, prayer and then breakfast. This morning was a particularly blessed devotional time. #GodIsGood #wyoming #missionforhope

BIG rocks!

Going to grab some shut eye in the Medicine Bow National Forest. Spectacular views. #jeeproadtrip #camping #nationalforest #wyoming

Missed A Turn!

Wyoming? I must have missed the turn to Denver! #missionforhope #roadtripusa #cruisecontrol #inthezone #barefootdriving 🦶 🚙 🏔 🐄

Epic Sunrise

Good morning from some place in Iowa. #jeeplife #nottooearly #epicsunrise #nofilters

Wrench Day...No Driving

That was easy! Not! Replaced the top & windows. Only took 6.5 hours. So no miles today but I have tinted windows and a back window that zips now.  I just hope it doesn’t leak. Plan is to get up early tomorrow and do some driving. #100outof100wrenches #missionforhope #jeepers #jeeps #jeepwranglersport #jeeplife #itsajeepthing #since1941 #1941 #willy #willys #willystruck #jeepwrangler #wrangler #iowa #camping #not #overlanding #yet

Monday Morning Fun!

When I was loading up at my Mom’s in Massachusetts on the 10th the zipper on the rear window went. So last week I ordered a replacement top with the side and back windows from and had it shipped to Chicago. (The complete set was only $50 more than purchasing the OEM back this set is tinted which will hide my gear a bit.) The rep said I should have them Friday. They came today. Three days late and I wanted to leave for Denver first thing this morn. They sent another set in another box by mistake. So I called Extreme Terrain and now I need to find a printer & UPS store or a staples to return the extra set. Not as easy as it sounds. So that broken fridge doesn’t matter today cause I can’t get at it!!! Interesting day to say the least. #roadtripfun #missionforhope

Dead Fridge

My cheap Coleman Chiller died this morning. I’m going to have to spend some pretty big bucks for a good refrigerator and have it shipped to Denver. And use ice on my way to Denver.  #theregoesmybudget #whateverittakes #missionforhope #jeeps #jeeplife #overlanding #life

Chicago is my kind of town.

Outreach Stop #2 / Chicago - Where do I begin? What a day! We all met at Dusty’s gallery this morning to get all the stuff together. Lots of Jeep and lots of Jeepers and lots of donations. They put together packages with men’s hygiene stuff, women’s hygiene stuff, T-shirts, washcloths, socks underwear & snacks. We also had hygiene kits my volunteer shipped from back home and Beantown Blankets shipped 48 blankets to Chicago for us to hand out today. 
We caravanned to Pacific Garden Mission first. We brought in a ton of donations and then helped set up for their next meal. Pacific Garden Mission is a faith based shelter for men, women, families and veterans. The shelter can accommodate 1,300 people but on the average they have about 500 people want to give an evening.
Then we hit the streets with our Jeeps and we made about six stops to hand out donations to folks on the streets. At the end of the day we went to a shelter called “A Safe Haven” and wheeled the rest of our donations in.…

Honk For Prayer

I was on the way to the Chicago Jeep meet up spot this morning and drove by these “real” street evangelist at a busy intersection in front of their church. I made a U-turn so I could say hello and pray with them. Great people and pastor! Love their signs...”Honk For Prayer” I may go there in the morning for service. #missionforhope 

Staying Fresh

So you’re probably wondering how I stay so fresh and so handsome when I’m on the road and can’t shower every morning. Duke Canno Cold Shower Cooling Field Towels is how! Sometimes it can be a few days before I get a shower but using a few of these every morning makes me as handsome as ever. Why I’m doing such a grand shout out to Duke Cannon?  Because they sent me hundreds of these to hand out to the homeless. Thank you! Their Bloody Knuckle hand cream and soaps are pretty awesome too. I hear they have beard stuff too but haven’t tried them yet. (Hint...hint) #dukecannon #smellsnice #refreshesme #makesmeanewman #overlanding #tip #camping #hack

Meet Pastor Kevin & Deputy Sheriff Kevin

Meet Pastor Kevin & Deputy Sheriff Kevin in Saint Joseph, Michigan. Same guy! Pastor for 20 years planting a new church the next town over. We met in a conveince store in Saint Joesph after he spotted my Jeep. I’m showed him around my rig, we shared testimonies, our hearts for evangelism, exchanged wirstbands and we prayed at the fender of my Jeep.  #praywhereeveryouare #missionforhope 

My route so far....

Click the link below to see my route so far. Chicago today, Denver next Friday & Anchorage July 18th...I hope!

We need to carry more Veterans

In 2018 the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development did a study and it showed that more then a half billion people experienced homelessness and 7.5% were veterans. That’s over 40,000 of our veterans were homeless. We need to do a better job to take care of people who have served and protected our country. 
This morning when I was leaving Muskegon, Michigan I stopped at the Veterans Museum on board the LST (Landing Ship Tank) US 393.  I was surprised to see a real“Willy” on board.
During World War II LST 393 carried over 9,000 soldiers ok four years. We need to carry and lift about more of our soldiers. 
Excerpt from her website: The USS LST 393 was launched in Newport News, Virginia on November 11, 1942. Immediately after sea trials, she went to work in the defense of her country in Europe. Over nine thousand soldiers made their way to the front aboard LST 393, as well as 3, 248 vehicles. She also carried over five thousand prisoners and, during her service, logged 51, 817 nauti…