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I’m thankful for...

I’m thankful that we’ve been able to help the poor together in so many cities & towns. I’m thankful for my friends and supporters who have helped me every single mile. I couldn’t do it without any of you! Happy Thanksgiving! #takesavillage 

Boston Instead Of Harlem

A year ago today I was in Nashville doing outreach as part of my six month mission trip in my Jeep across North America. Today I was supposed to go to New York so I could do outreach in Harlem on Saturday. With everything going on I decided to stay local and went into Boston. Gave out quite a bit of stuff. Thank you Beantown Blankets, Bombas Socks and all the folks that support me. Love you all! I couldn’t do this without you. #missionforhope #takesavillage #jeepers #helpingthehomeless #christianjeepassociation

Road trip to Brooklyn a success

Today’s outreach was amazing! I partnered with Simplicity Mission & Brooklyn Hope Church in a neat little community in Brooklyn. We gave out over 150 sandwiches, snacks, drinks, Bombas socks, Beantown Blankets, hygiene kits, hats, gloves & Bibles. #takesavillage #hopechurchbrooklyn #simplicitymission #missionforhope #christianjeepassociation

Brooklyn or Bust

On my way to NY today. Outreach with @simplicitymission tomorrow in Brooklyn . Jeep is loaded up with @beantownblankets @bombas socks, gloves, hats & hygiene kits. Thank you Denise for the pocket Bibles! #missionforhope #christianjeepassociation #takesavillage #jeepers #helpingthehomeless .