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So while I was in the woods of Florida...

So while I was in the woods of Florida, I found a great place on my Jeep to transport trash, bags from my portable toilet or smelly boots. Yes I know about the Trasharoo. I owned one for a day. Too big and covered the logo on my spare cover. 

Road Trip to Key West & Back

Some people have asked which route I took to Key West and which way did I come home. And why did you drive so many miles and why did it take so long? Click on the link below to see my route and the photos I took along the way.

Oversanding up the East Coast on my way home

When I left Key West on Monday my goal was to drive on as many beaches as I could on my way home to Massachusetts. A little bit of challenge because of the shut down. I did manage to drive on the beach at Amelia Island State Park, Cape  Hatteras National Sea Shore, Corolla, NC and Barnegat Light, NJ.

Animals I found while overlanding in my Jeep

Here are a few photos of some of the animals I photographed while I was overlanding the last two weeks to Key West and back home to Maasachusetts. These images were taken with a real camera so it took some time when I got back to download and edit the images. Enjoy!

Highlights of overlanding in my Jeep on my way to Key West

What a trip! Really enjoyed it. National Parks & Forests are the way to go overlanding. 

Jeep is home & gets a bath

What do you do before you even get home after driving over 4,500 miles? You wash all the dirt, mud, sand, salt and shrubs off...particularly the undercarriage!  Yes I got home before the snow!

Why I spent the last 14 days on the road

Well I think this will be the last photo I’ll be taking on my two week journey from Massachusetts to Key West. I appreciate all the “likes”, thumps up, encouragement, tips and suggestions! It was truly an amazing and exciting journey and I’m glad you came along. 

I thought New York would be a fitting stop. New York City is where I hope to be doing outreach at a homeless shelter on Thanksgiving of this year.  NYC has the highest number of homeless people in the country with estimates that put the homeless population over 75,000. New York City will be my 29th city stop on the 200 day journey across the United States to visit 30 of the most homeless cities in my little but spunky stock 2DR  Wrangler.
Two weeks ago my friend would have flown me into to Key West to take some photos of his new charter boat but I thought driving my Jeep would be a good way to test the overlanding gear I have been gathering since early last fall. This trip also helped me to refine my skills at finding real back…

Table for one on Long Beach, NJ

Table for one for soup & a sandwich please.

Good morning from Cape Hatteras

Another great sunrise this morning but about 600 miles north of where was for yesterday’s sunrise. Very peaceful tailgate breakfast. Off to Corolla just a bit north of here. 

Looking for horses on Corolla Beach, NC

On the lookout for wild horses. Heading home in a bit...kind of. May stop at one more beach… But it’s way up north. Stay tuned!

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This morning’s adventure Amelia Island, FL

Got up real early for this one. No permit needed to drive on the beach. Had a nice light breakfast in the parking lot before heading North to South Carolina. 

Took a spill in New Symrna Beach

Took this shot on the boat ramp of the park. Slipped a bit getting back in the Jerep. Got a little wet. Had to dry off my phone a bit and change into dry clothes. :) 
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Some of the stuff in my Jeep cockpit

Here is some of the stuff that’s in my Jeei cockpit. It’s all about being comfortable… particular if I might spend 200 days my jeep starting in June to visit 30 of the most homeless cities in the US.

Those are baby wipes. 

Had a visit with my son “The Pilot” in Deland, FL

Had a great visit with Kyle last night and today! Going to miss this kid for the next few months but he’s having some fun in air. #gokyle

What’s squeezed in the back of my Jeep for overlanding.

Last week I did a post with a list of items I have squeezed in the back of my Jeep for overlanding. (Remember my #1 goal is to be able to take the top down wherever I am.) While I was packing to head up North from Key West I took a few photos of “some” of the gear. Below the photos is the list of the gear. Make a comment if you have any questions about any of the gear. 
Cargo net over gear so nothing blows away. 

Non-woven quick drying camp towels on footlocker with two burner stove, propane, dry goods, Mini Hotlogic, small pans, utensils, cups, napkins, plastic plates & bowls, plastic bucket and cleaning supplies. Next to the footlocker and a 7 gallon water tank with spigot. 

12 Volt marine outlets I wired into cargo area. 
One both sides of cargo area are two fire extinguishers and LED lights. 

Drop down tailgate table with cutting board. Two burner Coleman stove goes on the table when I’m in camp mode. 

Brace for top when I need to access cargo area but don’t want to put the top up.