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Mission Accomplished!

  Yesterday I arrived in Dar Salaam, Tanzania and last night the car rental agency picked up the Land Cruiser. I’m not going to lie, it was a great relief when they picked it up. I didn’t post all the issues I had with the Land Cruiser, but they included replacing the clutch twice, replacing both batteries, thr spare tire rim and various issues with the electrical system, stove, bulbs, door latches, windows and tire leaks.  Although I spent a lot of time working on repairs of the Land Cruiser, I couldn’t imagine doing the trip in any other vehicle because of the very poor roads in Kenya and Tanzania. The Land Cruiser was an absolute beast, everybody knows how to fix them and parts are readily available. In 28 days, I drove 9,924 km, visited 7 churches, 5 wells, 3 schools, 2 orphanages, 1 clinic and gave out 200 storybook bibles. (Although, 13 of the storybook bibles were given to 8 Tanzanian Police Officers instead of the cash they requested.) I also shared a message at 3 churches.  To