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No Jeep!

My journey started without this Jeep four decades ago.  In 1980, on my way to photograph a Celtics game at the Garden in Boston, I saw some homeless people. I was 16, a junior in high school and grew up in the country.  I didn't know anything about the homeless but my heart went out for them. I created a body of work that day of homeless people which I have used for many of my photography shows over the last 40 years. Below is one of the images I took that day.  Thirty-five years ago I named this image after a Bob Seger song called "Even Now". This image has been hanging in most of the places I have lived for the last three decades to remind me how blessed I'm and how others are in need. In the mid 80's I was working at the Ninety Nine Restaurant in Billerica, Massachusetts, The owner of the Ninety Nine, Charlie Doe, was very passionate about helping the homeless. He encouraged his employees to volunteer to serve meals at a homeless shelter in Boston called the Pi