Monday, December 3, 2012

Leighton's work is now on TurningArt.

Exciting work has been accepted by TurningArt. TurningArt is the NetFlix of wall art for your home and office.  Pay a monthly membership fee of $10 or $20 and revolve an unlimited number of photos and art in a special frame they supply to you at no charge.  Shipping fees to receive and to send back the pieces are all paid by TurningArt. Subscription fees are credited to your account in case you get the urge to buy a print.  (And the print fees are very reasonable.) 

Right now I have over 40 pieces on TurningArt. In a week I will be adding a few more.  Maybe there is a photo on my website that you have been drooling over for a few years. Maybe there is a photo of your yacht I have you'd like to test out in your living room or office. Let me know...make a special request...maybe I can include an image you like in the next collection of work I submit to TurningArt.  Might make a great gift for the skipper in your life. Here is a the link to my collection on TurningArt: 

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