Friday, March 22, 2013

2103 International Rolex Regatta - On Board Synergy Melges 32

Typical Virgin Island Winter Day for Melges 32 Fleet

Today I got to ride on Synergy GT for a practice day before the start
of the 40th International Rolex Regatta in St.Thomas. Synergy is one
of the eight Melges 32's showing off their stuff in the Caribbean this
winter.  They are a Russian Sailing Team that have been together for 7
years. Prior to starting their newest campaign on a Melges last year,
they did campaigns on a TP52 and RC44.

Local St. Thomas some what famous racer, John Holmberg has been
helping the Melges 32 Fleet as the local knowledge guy. John spent the
day on the water out at the Melges practice course. I  caught up with
him at then end of the day to see what he thought of the practice. "I
was impressed with how tight the sailing is between these boats. The
Melges 32's are really impressive close winded and powered up in lite
air. Really moving off the wind as well. John also said " It's a neat
fleet to watch and to have World Class teams in the Caribbean to show
us what front running classes look like. Very impressive day. Great
winds. Clear water. Just a typical Virgin Island winter day."

Other Melges 32 Teams in St. Thomas of for the Rolex are Argo, Delta,
Inga, INTAC, Ngoni, Robertissima, Smile & Wave and Volpe.  On
Wednesday I asked  the Melges 32 Press Officer, Joy Dunigan, who is
favored to win the Rolex.  "It's a tough to say who is favored. Every
boat here has been around the first mark first. That's what makes it
so exciting here. It's all about making that great start and hitting
your first two shifts."

The IRR is second event in the Virgin Island Melges 32 Super Series.
The first event of the series was in Virgin Gorda, BVI. Robertissima
took first with 100 pts, Leenabarca took 2nd with 99 pts and Argo took
3rd with 98 pts. The third and final regatta in the series will be at
Peter Island April 26-28 for the Caribbean Championship. Not a bad way
to spend a winter.
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