Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My ride for the Marblehead to Halifax Race...Denali (KERR55)

My ride for the Marblehead to Halifax Race...Denali a KERR 55. Well actually I'll be part of the crew. And what a funny crew it is! This is a new boat for Michael D'Amelio and her first season in the area so I don't have any action photos of her underway. Michael's previous boat was a Custom Nelson Marek 70, which he did very well with. This photo was taken before the fogged in FIGAWI race in Hyannis, Ma this year.

While crewing on board Denali, I'll be capturing the crew in action for a three page photo essay for SAIL Magazine. I may even take a few videos. I'll be doing some live posts of photos and videos when I have cell service.

The race starts on July 10th. Be nice if we could get to Halifax in less than 33 hours 29 minutes and 57 seconds to break Starlight Express' 1989 record. They did it in a Santa Cruz 70.

We need to keep things light on Denali. More salads for me over the next few weeks.

More info about the Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race here:

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