54 Cities in 300 Days!

Yesterday was our last outreach to help the homeless. Over the last 300 days and over 28,000 miles, Mission For Hope & Christian Jeep Association has given out thousands of blankets, hygiene kits and Bibles along with lots of clothing, food, water and prayers in cities across the United States & Canada. 

THANK YOU to all the people who encouraged, supported and prayed for me the last 300 days. Thank you Beantown Blankets for donating thousands of blankets and shipping them into all the cities. 


Tuesday I fly to Kenya for month to help the children in Kenya and Tanzania get better access to clean water, healthcare and education. 

Three days after I get back from Africa I leave on a 5 month trip in my Jeep to 10 states to attend 18 Jeep events that the Christian Jeep Association will be attending. 

Thank you for your encouragement, support and prayers for my next two trips! 

Acts 1:8


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