Friday, May 10, 2013

Why is a 49 yo man Angie crazy?

Yep I have gone a little Angie crazy. I admit it. My sailing friends are giving me some heat for it. My social media is not just about a talented artist but it's about a city...Beverly.

A city I was born in. A city in which my kids received an unbelievable education in. A city that has supported my non-photo biz extremely well for over fifteen years. A city in which I can walk downtown on any given afternoon and run into a half dozen smiling friends that just say just say hello.

Yes I'm proud of Angie but I'm just as proud that she came from the city I love. A city I support because Beverly has supported me for many, many years. I'm just giving a little back like the many volunteers did last Saturday. Just like the many people in Beverly that volunteer for the schools, city, kids, seniors and unfortunate all year long.

My local peps seem to enjoy my Idol posts and photos. Right?

So hide my feed, defriend me, block me or tell me some real good reasons why I shouldn't be Angie-Beverly crazy. And they better be outstanding reasons if you have never stepped up to the plate.

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Location:Hellard Rd,Beverly,United States

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