Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race - On Board Abu Dhabi for Pro-Am Race - Alicante, Espana

Sunday I also got to sail with Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing for the first Pro-Am Race and Team Alvimedica for race two. Both crews were really on their game even thought the racing was a bit casual.  The fun part of the day was the transfer between the boats between the races. I got lots of compliments for the Team Alvimedica for my shirt peal on the rib before climbing on board to sail with Charlie, Mark and crew.

Here are the results for both races:  

Pro-Am 2 (1st Race Sunday)

1. Team SCA 13:24:45 - 1pt
2. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 13:25:08 - 2pts
3.Team Alvimedica 13:26:01- 3pts
4. MAPFRE 13:26:22 - 4pts
5. Dongfeng Race Team 13:26:42 - 5pts
6.Team Vestas Wind 13:27:34 - 6pts
7. Team Brunel 13:31:10 - 7pts

 Pro-Am 3 (2nd Race Sunday)
1.Team Vestas Wind  14:21:48 - 1pt
2.Dongfeng Race Team 14:22:02  - 2pts
3. MAPFRE 14:22:36- 3pts
4.Team SCA 14:22:59 - 4pts
5.Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 14:23:13 - 5pts
6.Team Alvimedica 14:23:50 - 6pts
7.Team Brunel 14:25:20 - 7pts 

Video Produced by Leighton O'Connor: http://www.leightonoconnor.com

Music by I Was Awake: http://www.iwasawake.com

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