Friday, October 10, 2014

On board Brunel for Pro-Am ~ 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race ~ Alicante, Spain

What makes the start for Volvo 65's just like any other start? You can be over.  See (and hear) for yourself. We didn't win but the good news is I got to sail Brunel from outside the harbor just about to the dock. What a powerful machine! I think I was doing 8 knots in 6 knots of breeze or something silly like that.  I was surprised how close Skipper Bouwe let to other boats on the way in.  I took the stern of a 150ft clipper ship by a boat length and then passed her on the leeward side pretty close. People on the clipper were looking at me like I was somebody who knew what he was doing.  All I kept thinking to myself is what if something happens and I am the guy responsible for 100 guys fixing a boat all nigh long so they can race to Cape Town tomorrow. I would have become a VOR legend forever.  Here are the results for the day:

Results Pro-Am 4
1. MAPFRE 13:27:32 -1pt
2. Team Alvimedica 13:28:38 - 2pts
3. Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 13:29:24 - 3pts
4. Dongfeng Race Team 13:29:39 - 4pts
5. Team Brunel 13:30:17 - 5pts
6. Team SCA 13:30:34 - 6pts
7. Team Vestas Wind 13:31:11 - 7pts

Results Pro-Am 5
1. Team Vestas Wind 14:19:22 -1pt
2.  Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing 14:19:44 - 2pts
3. MAPFRE  14:20:07 - 3pts
4. Dongfeng Race Team 14:20:35 - 4pts
5. Team Alvimedica 14:21:03 - 5pts
6. Team Brunel 14:21:56 - 6pts
7. Team SCA 14:22:59- 7pts

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